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Services Offered

Home Inspections

Comprehensive inspection of home from top to bottom. All Mechanical equipment will be tested, roof will be walked when possible, no attic or crawlspace will be overlooked. Moisture testing included in every inspection. On-site breakdown of findings will be provided to the buyer, and detailed report will be sent same day. Don't Hesitate to call or text with any questions you may have!



Waste Line Inspections

Avoid Costly repairs  to buried sewer lines. We will provide video and photographic evidence of the condition of underground piping.

Water Quality Testing
Lead Paint Testing
Carbon Monoxide Testing
Combustion gas analysis
IR Electrical Testing

With our Commercial Infrared Electrical surveys, we can prevent equipment downtime and costly repairs by indentifying issues before mechanical failure. This test will help plant managers decide where resources may be needed, and provide a report of equipment that may need maintenence.

Home Energy Auditing

With the rising cost of utilities, it's not a bad idea to keep your home working as efficiently as possible. An energy audit is a great way to identify the best way to bring your costs down. These audits include a full thermal scan, combustion testing on all gas appliances, electric use survey, and a water use survey.


Pre-Sale Inspections


Selling a home can be a daunting time between the packing, planning, and everyday life. The last thing you need is for a pending sale to fall through for an overlooked repair. Our pre-sale inspections will give you the professional advice and peace of mind you need going into closing.


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